Qiang He, PhD
PI, Coastal Ecology Lab, Fudan Univ.

Dr. Qiang He is Professor of Coastal Ecology at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Prior to joining Fudan, Dr. He was a Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University Marine Lab in North Carolina and a visiting scholar at Brown University in Rhode Island. Dr. He holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Beijing Normal University and a PhD degree in ecology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Dr. He has published more than 40 papers and book chapters, nearly half of which were published in leading ecology or multidisciplinary journals such as Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Ecology Letters, Ecological Monographs, Ecology, PNAS, Nature Ecology & Evolution, and Current Biology.


Dr. He was named a China Thousand Young Talent. He was also a recipient of several awards including an Early Career Ecologist Award from the Ecological Society of America – Asian Ecology Section. Dr. He serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Ecology. He was a special issue editor for Wetlands. He regularly reviews manuscripts for the large majority of top-tier journals in general ecology.

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